Terms and Conditions

The Following Terms And Conditions Are Applied To All Travel Options Reserved With Flight-Hub:

Generally, tickets booked through the website are non-refundable, unless mentioned on the air ticket booking page at the time of booking or on the confirmation email (after the booking process is completed)

There is no cancellation fee for travel bookings made from USA (cancellation must be done within 24 hours following the booking)

While making the reservation, the customer should understand completely the online check in policy, cancellation or change policy because some airlines let passengers check in within 4 to 6 hours of departure time and some allow online check in 24 hours before the flight departure.

Penalties and fare differences are applied to booking changes and cancellations. Make sure to go through the flight cancellation and change policy when making the reservation.

Travelers can pay un-accompanied minor fees, luggage fees and fee for pets at the airport.

There can be charges for seat selection which actually depends on the purchased ticket. A confirmed booking ensures a seat in the flight, yet might not assure a particular seat number

There might be additional transaction charges associated with international cards that need to be verified by the customer’s card provider or bank. Cards released within the United States claim no additional charges. The amount for booking is final for USA issued cards.

During the payment information verification process, customers may need to submit documents including copies of the credit card, an authorization form signed and copy of the ID proof. This ensures that the original card holder is giving permission for the transaction, preventing any deception against the original credit card holder. One can hide the first 8 to 12 digits of their credit card. The intent to ask for such information may include, but is not limited to: high volume transactions, 3rd party transaction, high risk transactions (destinations with a history of fraud transactions), cards not issued within the United States, emergency travel or travel within definite number of days (differs from booking to booking).

Site Usage And Ticket Purchase

You make sure that the site user is minimum 18 years old and legally authorized for entering an agreement and using the website in congruence with all the terms and conditions specified herein.

Moreover, you acknowledge your financial responsibility for all of the use of this website (or if your account is used by someone else). You are responsible for any reservations made by individuals within your control or direction. You also assure that the information that you have provided, or submitted on your behalf, or given by your household members in using this website is detailed and correct. You recognize and accept that overusing (for example, commercial use of the website) or abusing the booking facilities and the travel services of this website can permanently cancel your access to these facilities and services.

You accept that you are not going to use any technique or software or any automated means for modifying, copying, publishing, distributing, reproducing, making derivative works, re-selling, transferring, monitoring or accessing any content/information or products of this website with an intention without having a written consent from our side. You agree upon not violating the limitations in any robot exclusion headers, or bypassing or outwitting other measures in work for preventing or restricting access to the site.

If you violate any of the above mentioned prohibitions or policy, we have the right to cancel or put a stop to your account or reservation with our website.

All charges, terms and conditions, and sales policies may alter without notice. If there is such change, users will be informed before completing their booking or payment.

Any changes in the schedule, cancellations because of natural calamity or cancellation from the supplier’s side are subject to supplier’s policy. Though, we are not liable for such things coming about, still we support our customers unbiasedly so that they can arrange alternate options to get refunds (Make sure to go through the different pages to check refund policy of this website).

Ticket costs, seating, eligibility, cancellation or change policy is under the terms and conditions of the suppliers (airlines). As you use this site, you accept and follow those policies.

The bookings are not ensured in case of incompletion of the payment transaction.

If travelers fail to arrive at the airport on time and miss the flight, they will not get any compensation or refund, although it actually depends on the airline’s consideration to allow waivers. Rebooking such tickets is subject to fare difference and penalties.

The agreement between the traveler and the airline or travel supplier involves only such service elements assured through email consisting ticket numbers.

Make sure you completely understand the passport, passport validity, visa requirements, and eligibility and transit requirements before you complete the flights booking process. You are responsible if your boarding is deported, delayed or denied because you have not fulfilled the above mentioned requirements. You can’t seek refund in such scenarios. We are not responsible for providing information about passport validity, visa as well as transit eligibility and requirements.

Some countries may collect entry and exit fees, though it depends on your chosen destination. When you use our site, you acknowledge and accept such charges although they are not hinted at the time of online flight booking. These will be added to the booking charges and the traveler is exclusively responsible for this.

A service fee element is involved in the reservations and applied to all bookings. You won’t get refund in case of cancellations. During your airline tickets booking process, you call our call centre and confirm the service fee.

After the completion of your payment transaction, we assure to respect the final ticket price quoted despite any price changes.

Flight overbooking can happen at times and all the passengers may not get a seat. The airlines generally seek volunteers for cancelling the booking, offering compensation as per the situation. If enough volunteers are not there, the airline considers the boarding priority and denies boarding accordingly. Individuals involuntarily denied boarding will receive compensation. Though, there are a few exceptions like failing to comply with the check-in deadline stated by the airline.

Ticket counters and boarding locations in airports follow a rule guide for these compensation payments that includes the airline’s boarding priorities in detail. Some airlines may not include such consumer protections for travelling from certain foreign countries, though other measures may be available. Travelers can call us for details or check with the airline.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this Agreement, please contact us by email or regular mail at the following address:


155 Salem Rd North Brunswick, New Jersey, 08902

[email protected]

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