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Below are the policies and practices followed by Flight-Hub to assure the protection of customer’s personal information. Our object is to safeguard any personal data that we obtain as you use the website. You agree to the policies and practices stated below when you visit this website.

  • Information Obtained By Us
  • Use of your information
  • Information sharing
  • Your options and preferences as regard us obtaining and utilizing your information
  • The protection of your personal information
  • Children privacy
  • Outer links
  • Contact us
  • Phishing
  • Accessing and altering the account

Flight-Hub has the authority for updating this privacy policy subsequently. Users can find the update date by go to the ‘Last Updated’ section which is at the top of the page. Once the revised policies are posted, the changes made to the privacy policy become effective.

1. Information Obtained By US

General any information that users enter on the website or is provided through email, telephone, fax, etc, is kept by us. Such information may include your identification information such as your first and last name, postal address, contact number, email address, etc. In some instances, we also store the billing information (such as credit card number, name of the cardholder, as well as expiry date). We may also request you for information related to your travel preference like seat selections, meal choices, hotel/car/ frequent flyer information, etc. You may choose not to provide such information, but if you want to become a Flight-Hub member, willing to purchase services or products, take part in surveys and contests, complete traveler profile, ask questions or initiate any transactions, such information will be needed.

Passenger Information

If someone else makes arrangements on your behalf through Flight-Hub, then the personal information and travel preferences will be needed on your name of which the arrangements are done. Your consent is also required since your information is given to Flight-Hub, and you can access or make changes in the information only through the account of that individual making the reservation.

Information From Other Sources

The information periodically obtained from our business partners as well as other independent third-party sources will be added to our account information. We generally get information like:

I. Updated delivery information

II. Address information (used for correcting records and facilitating appropriate travel information delivery)

III. Demographic information (used for understanding the potential buying preferences of the customers)

IV. Automatic information some computer related information is automatically obtained as you visit the website. For example, the site gathers the IP address, Web Browser software such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, and also the referring website. Information related to the user’s online activity may be gathered as well. We collect such automatic information because we want to customize the user experience.

V. Other Web Technologies and Cookies A cookie means an identifier text file that is small and unique. Your computer might be assigned a cookie as you visit our website. For instance, when you sign in to Flight-Hub as a member, we record the member account name and the member ID. This is stored afterwards in your computer’s cookie file. You can also save the password in your computer’s cookie file by checking the ‘Save password for automatic sign-in’ box. Your member ID, password, and other information relating to your account are encrypted for security purposes. Users can enable the cookie-refusing feature that informs before storing cookies and stop receiving cookie files. If the user does not accept cookies, they won’t be able to access some travel tools Flight-Hub offer.

VI. Information Collected through Third-Party Advertising Companies Third-party advertisers use cookies as well as other parameters for measuring efficacy of ads. They append clients who provide ads across the internet on behalf of Flight-Hub. The advertisement content on Flight-Hub goes through modification, evaluation and personalization, showing the ads with greater probability of attracting customers. The use of cookies or other relevant features as well as the practices of the third-party clients and the advertisers relating to the information are not covered by this privacy policy. The Fair Credit Billing Act states that in fraudulent charges instances, the credit card provider of the customer is not responsible for making them pay more than £50. If the credit card provider demands £50, then Flight-Hub will cover the full amount in case of unauthorized usage of the credit card as you use our secure server to purchase. Make sure to inform your credit card company if such an event occurs.

2. Use Of Your Information

Flight-Hub uses sensitive billing information for completing your travel purchases. Such information may include credit card number, name of the cardholder, date of expiry, etc. Below are some purposes where we use other general information:

  • To provide services and products as per customer request
  • To provide updates and travel confirmation
  • To manage customer’s account
  • To include processing bills
  • To provide travel notifications
  • To communicate with customers in general
  • To respond to customer’s questions and comments
  • To measure customer’s interest in our services and products so that we can improve them
  • To notify customers about products, special offers, and services which they may like
  • To personalize customer experience with Flight-Hub
  • To reward customers with multiple recognition programs and reward
  • To solicit information collected from customers (including information gathered through surveys)
  • To collect fees, resolve disputes or troubleshoot issues
  • To prevent prohibited or illegal activities
  • To effectuate our Terms of Use
  • In any other manner explained to the customer while collecting the same
  • Whom do we share customer information to?

3. Sharing Of Your Information

Flight-Hub may share your information with the entities mentioned below:
A. Suppliers- Airlines, cruises, hotels, rental car agencies, etc are all included. They are the parties or people that complete customer’s travel requirements. All services that third-party suppliers provide through Flight-Hub are explained in the similar manner. We don’t usually share customer’s email address with the suppliers, unless they need it to fulfill any bookings made through Flight-Hub. This information may be used for this purpose only. No restrictions are imposed upon our suppliers disclosing or using other personal information of customers. So, we encourage reviewing the privacy policies stated by other travel suppliers (the products or services of whom you are purchasing through Flight-Hub). These suppliers may also contact you asking for any additional information needed for completing the process of your travel reservation. Third-party vendors- Third-party vendors are entities that is functioning on our behalf or offering services.

They are the vendors that provide the services of:

  • Credit card processing
  • Customer service
  • Marketing
  • Fraud prevention
We grant the third-party suppliers access to personal information required to perform their functions. However, they are not given permission for using or sharing this information for any other reason or purpose.
B. Business partners-We offer our services or products jointly with our business partners. You can find out if a third party is involved in the product or service that you've requested because their names will appear along with yours. One can consider availing the optional services. In such instances, we might share the information about the customer, including all personal data with the partners. The business partner’s information practices are not accessed or controlled by this privacy policy, hence we advise you to go through the same before you share your personal information.
C. Customer information may also be shared in- responding to subpoenas, court orders, or any legal procedure, to exercise or establish our legal rights, to defend against legal claims, or as needed by law. In such cases, Flight-Hub reserves all rights to waive or raise any legal rights or challenges available to us.
D. If we feel necessity for investigating, preventing, or taking action against illegal activities, to safeguard our property, rights or safety or of our customer’s, and also relating to our Terms of Service as well as other agreements.
E. In the context of a corporate transaction, such as an asset sale, merger, consolidation, or divestiture.
F. We may also share anonymous and aggregate information with third parties including advertisers and investors. The communicated information does not hold any personal data. The purpose for using it is to develop content and services that customers might find engrossing.

4. Your options and preferences as regard us obtaining and utilizing your information

You can give us the information required to provide you with the travel services and products. We may request for such information as per the terms specified in the privacy policy and Flight-Hub’ Terms of Use. Users can also choose not to provide the information. However, they are needed to make travel purchases or to access certain features offered by Flight-Hub. User can update the information and consider adding similar information on the member page. You also have the opt ion to close the account. Go to the Help section of your browser and instruct your browser to not accept cookies. With this, you get to learn about getting notifications while receiving a new cookie or the option to disable cookies, etc. If you are not accepting cookies from Flight-Hub, you may not get access to certain parts of the website.

5. The protection of your personal information

We aim to protect your personal information so that you feel comfortable while dealing with Flight-Hub. It is almost impossible to provide security guarantee, still the site has taken multiple administrative, technical and physical security measures to help in protecting customer’s information that is given to us. For example, only the authorized employees can access the personal information for permitted functions and business operations. For the transmission of any sensitive personal information between your system and ours, we make sure to use encryption.

There are firewalls as well as systems that detect intrusion, preventing unauthorized people to gain access to customer information.

6. How Safe is the Information Obtained by Us

We are committed to secure your data and for encryption and safety, we use the latest devices. Moreover, we have physical, electronic and managerial processes in place, ensuring protection and security of the information that we collect. Your personal as well as credit card information is transmitted through our secure servers. We don’t give 100% security guarantee relating to the transmitted information and you provide the information at your own risk. Therefore, we are not liable for theft, loss, interception of your information, or unauthorized access. You understand and accept all the risks while using this website.

7. Children Privacy

There is no travel services that we sell which children can purchase. If kids below 13 years of age provide information to Flight-Hub, then the information is used only to directly respond to the child.

Before getting the personal information, the kid must obtain parental permission.

8. External Links

If any section of Flight-Hub website links you to any other sites, then such sites are not regulated under this privacy policy. We recommend you to examine the privacy policy of such websites. This way you will learn the processes those sites use to collect, use and to disclose information.

9. How To Contact Us

If you have questions about privacy policy or something about travel planning or purchase, you can email us at 

10. Phishing

Phishing is a form of attack executed for stealing usernames, passwords, credit card information, as well as other sensitive information. The most common form of phishing is malicious emails that pretend to be from reliable sources. High end security precautions are used by us to ensure phishing does not happen to you. We communicate through secure channels.

11. Accessing and Altering the Account

Flight-Hub will provide you or the person specified as a contact in your account with the information regarding your placed order. The provide information will include the following:

  • Information about the kind and status of your order
  • Information given to process the order
  • Information regarding the payment
  • Contact Information

For certain products, we may provide information to others named in the order. The information may be sent to a third-party to respond to a subpoena to comply with the laws. Users have access for updating their personally identifiable information. Click on the ‘My Account’ link and log in anytime to visit the personal profile account. My Account provides the authority for

(i) Reviewing and updating the contact information

(ii) Removing the personally identifiable information

Flight-Hub may maintain such information or a portion of it in its archives, even after the removal of the information from the website.

Disclaimer: This website is inversely interlinked with many types of hyperlinks that are not related to our Flightshub services or references. So we advise you not to tap on those links, as even if you close those links, they will redirect you to another page. Before using our service, get a look at our website's terms and conditions and then authorize it.

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